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ALBUM REVIEW: Dick Venom & TT - Invasion of the Spiderqueen

Dick Venom and the Terrortones
Album Review
Invasion Of The Spiderqueen


Horror, schlock, garage, punk, rock n’roll, science fiction, pornographic horrorpop, yes it’s a new release from the fiery loins of psychobilly punks from outer space, Dick Venom and The Terrortones.

Phil Spector style shoo be doos entice us into the tale of the Invasion Of The Spiderqueen, offering serene and seductive aural stimulation and then BANG!!! A rollercoaster ride of undulating rhythms commence with a throbbing, phallic bassline from Wrex St.Clair followed at high velocity by Dick’s velvet Elvis vibrato charms. Iggy and The Stooges meets The Cramps in energy and garage punk feel, sharp grimy riffs wickedly entangle with Dick’s vocal, from purr to roar to androgynous falsetto alongside the Terrortones many musical talents, this band’s delivery is fierce and fearless fun.

It is impossible to typecast Dick Venom and The Terrortones as psychobilly, rockabilly or punk, there is no genre that encompasses this band’s sound or vision. Much more CBGB than Sex Pistols, they retain that element of English eccentricity and tongue in cheek witticism in their lyrics that is so engaging, yet so often missing from the UK music industry. A much welcomed flash of originality is truly evident and Invasion of the Spiderqueen is a smutty, slutty, sci-fi, white knuckle ride that is finger clicking good.

Having more sexual swagger than you can shake your hips at, Dick Venom and The Terrortones must have thought there no better way to continue with Track 2 of this double A’side release than with Planet of the Honeyfuzz. An open invitation to ‘hop in Dick’s spaceship’ travel to a distant, utopia, a planet full of honey dripping, beautiful Amazonian dames. Garage rock guitar and crashing cymbals that glisten and shimmer, meet Americana backbeats and chunky, Ramones style bass all accompanied by Dick’s vocal longing, which climaxes in a track that is seductively hooky. Oozing with sticky sweet innuendo, Planet Of The Honeyfuzz is yet another intergalactic and erotic imaginarium that is so descriptive it should come with a censored sticker for the listener’s brain.

Accompanying the 7” vinyl is a fold out comic, conceptualised by the band and artist Catherine O’Connor. All fur bikini clad starlets fleeing for their lives, giant spaceship flying spiders and, picturing Dick and the band in cartoon form, the book is the perfect addition to this new release. For those that no longer own a record player, download the tracks and buy the single just for the comic alone. Fans already familiar with Dick Venom and the Terrortones first EP Sticky Pants Trance, will be aware of the genius of Ms O’Connor, and will be grappling to get their copy. There is no denying that the coupling of the two artists is enough to bring joy to any true record collector.

Invasion of the Spiderqueen is available to download now or via order from or Jailhouse Morgue Records.

A scintillatingly arousing 9/10.

Words By:
Viki Ridley
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